We'll gain your Trust and Business...Fair & Square!

American Tent Company will match any local competitor's current pricing on any identical Tent Rental Agreement or Rental Package Agreement, for any customer who calls us out on a price challenge. It's that simple.  As long as we're comparing apples to apples.  "Identical" is defined as the same items rented, same quality, and same quantity. For softlines, an identical item has to be the same size, color, quality and style.

American Tent will take an ADDITIONAL 3% OFF the final quoted price as listed on the competitor's Rental Agreement.  Hey, that really adds up!  If you're spending $10,000, I'll save you an additional $300 bucks!  A customer must produce a current competitor's quote or rental agreement, free of any errors or erasures. If the customer making the challenge does not have such documentation, you can understand why American Tent will not be able to offer a discounted price.


We want you to have the best event ever...AND still have some money in your pocket for a nightcap.