Our portable dance floors are so attractive, you'll want to dance all night! The floors can be set up wherever a level surface is available, such as next to your swimming pool; or over any level asphalt, grass, brick, cement or wood deck. The dance floor size needed generally depends on the event type. Proms and graduation parties may have as many as two thirds of the guests on the floor; while such family events as weddings and birthday parties may have a fewer number dancing.


Our floors are well maintained, and we are dedicated to providing the very finest service and quality in Long Island Party Rentals and Long Island Dance Floor Rentals.


Example Sizes, No. of Guests and approx. Rental Price

12' by 12' |   50 people

16' by 18' |  100 people

20' by 21' | 150 people

24' by 24'  | 200 people


* Estimate assumes that about two thirds of the guests are on the dance floor at the same time.